No happy ending for father and daughter law school students - yet

It began as a feel good story that has lost a bit of its feel-goodness but there’s still hope that a Hollywood ending can be had.  

There’s just one thing holding that back.

The #$@&% bar exam!

Father and daughter Tim and Sarah Smith got a lot of media attention for doing something remarkable: going to law school together. The two attended The University of Akron School of Law. They were the first father and daughter to be enrolled at the same time at the school.

Indeed, they became the first father and daughter in Ohio history to take the bar exam at the same time when they did so this past February.

But when the result came in recently, they showed that …

Sarah passed.

And …

Tim failed.

“We really wanted it to be the same,” Sarah told a reporter with the Akron Beacon Journal, who noted she choked back words as she said so. “Our worth is not our results. We are friends and family. We’re okay.”

Tim didn’t want to talk about it, the newspaper reported.

That’s understandable. Completely. Totally. No question. When you put in all that work, all that time …

Tim is not alone. Just 66 percent of first-time takers passed the Ohio February bar. In all, just over half passed.

Numbers can be cold, empty. We don’t normally see the faces behind them. We don’t see the hurt that’s felt not just by the test-taker, but the whole family.

This time?

We do.

Tim wanted to go to law school because he hoped to further his career as a patent agent. He started doing LSAT prep. His daughter, who worked in H.R., was intrigued by the LSAT questions and as well as by the possibility of a law degree helping her career.

So they enrolled together, took classes together and studied together. 

They prepared for the bar together …

They looked at the results together …

In July, when the next bar exam is held, Tim will take it …


But he’ll have one big backer who has all the faith in the world in him.

“He’s smart enough,” Sarah told the newspaper. “He definitely has that in him – and we’ll celebrate thoroughly in October!”