Practice areas that are hiring


By Hillary Mantis

I’m getting tired of all the bad news, aren’t you? The economy is starting to slowly pick up, overall. Surely, some areas of law practice are starting to grow, right?
I recently asked an expert on the legal job market this question. Carmen Grossman, Partner and Managing Director of the Law Firm Management Group at Major, Lindsay & Africa, a nationwide legal recruitment firm said she has been seeing hiring recently in the following practice areas:

Real Estate
Real estate is becoming “red hot,” according to Grossman. That’s certainly nice to hear after the long stretch where it was not so hot.

Corporate is also busy, Grossman said. There has been a general upswing in transactional work.

Health Care
Health care, especially in the Regulatory area, is hot right now.

Energy is a busy practice area right now, especially in Texas.

Intellectual Property
IP work, especially in the technology area, has also been busy.

Cities Showing Growth
“All of the cities are improved, but the coasts are where we are seeing the most action,” Grossman said. She also indicated that students and graduates with strong language skills are in demand right now.

“The world is getting smaller all of the time,” she added.

How should student’s best position themselves? In addition to researching the job market for growth areas, they should always remember the basics:  prepare carefully for interviews, and do a lot of research on the firms.

“Recognize that you are in a competition,” Grossman cautioned. “How do I win this job?”


Hillary Mantis is a Legal Career Consultant and Pre-law Advisor, who works with students and graduates nationwide. She is the author of Alternative Careers for Lawyers and co-author of Jobs for Lawyers: Effective Techniques for Getting Hired in Today’s Economy. You can write to Hillary at