Roger Williams drops tuition; Oregon to offer classes in Portland

It was a GOOD week for…

Making law school more affordable, after Roger Williams University Law School was the sixth law school to announce it would drop tuition for the 2014-2015 academic year. The private law school will drop tuition by $7,608, from $41,400 to $33,792 a year, and it has guaranteed no tuition increase for three years. Current students can either retain their current financial aid award and pay the old tuition or relinquish their financial aid and pay the new lower tuition. Roger Williams previously gave out grants that totaled $4.51 million, according to Equal Justice Works. That means the average student spent $8,373 less than the posted tuition. But only 301 of its 506 students in 2012-2013 received a grant, according to data from the ABA. So, 40 percent of the study body will fare better under the new plan.

Rural schools expanding opportunities, after the University of Oregon School of Law announced students will have the opportunity to complete their final year of law school in downtown Portland. Beginning in 2015, 25 to 30 students will have the chance to leave the Eugene, Oregon location. School officials said the program will offer students more opportunities to network and attend job interviews where the highest concentration of legal professionals in the state live. The program still needs approval from the American Bar Association. "The biggest benefit to the school is that it benefits our students," said Mohsen Manesh, a contract and business law professor who will begin teaching at the Portland campus. "It's going to expand curricular and professional opportunities, and that alone is more than enough reason to do it."