School of Rock founder to graduate law school

Paul Green is rocking law school. The founder of School of Rock is in his final year at Temple’s Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia and preparing to take the July bar exam. He’s not exactly a traditional student.

He’s 48, for one. And he had an eclectic first-career starting an after-school music performance program that blossomed into a successful business, which he sold in 2009. A documentary of his efforts, “Rock School,” was released in 2003.

Now, he’s going to be a lawyer, sort of. He has no plans to toil long hours in a law firm, he told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“I’m a punk-rocker,” Green told the paper, “and what’s more punk rock then getting a law degree and then not using it?”

Instead, he plans to use his degree to help start a music-related business. He wouldn’t give the Inquirer details, but he does plan to help others with their concepts.

“There’s room out there for a guy from School of Rock who has a law degree to do consulting, to build businesses,” Green said. “Paul Green should never be the last person to read your contract before you sign it. But Paul Green would be a great first person to talk you through your idea.”