St. Louis interim dean resigns; Law School Transparency works with schools


It was a BAD Week for …

Deans from outside the system, after Tom Keefe stepped down as interim dean of St. Louis University School of Law after holding the position for less than seven months. Keefe had been appointed in August after the prior dean resigned abruptly over a spat with the university president. He had been a trial attorney and had never worked in academia. 

Keefe said he was too politically incorrect to be a dean. Keefe said he made a comment about Indians and another that was perceived as sexual harassment. He said both were misinterpreted. He said his relationship with the faculty was never good.

“I’m sure there are people in the world of academia who are just mortified at the thought that a plainspoken, politically incorrect, ambulance-chasing attorney from Illinois is their dean,” Keefe told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The university is apparently close to naming a permanent law dean, having narrowed the pool down to two candidates.

It was a GOOD week for …

Law schools looking to do a better job reporting data, after Law School Transparency reported that 102 schools accepted its offer to help them meet the ABA’s new standards for publishing employment data. It has helped 84 schools update consumer information on their websites. Unfortunately, 74 schools still fall short of the ABA standard.