Two law students die tragically

Two law schools are mourning the death of students. Both Yale Law School and The University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law recently suffered tragic losses. 

A 25-year-old Yale law student from Medford, Mass., died in early October after a truck hit him near Yale New Haven Hospital. Keonho Lim was riding his bike at the time of the accident. 

It’s the same intersection where a medical student was killed in 2008 and where a pedestrian was killed crossing the street in 2017, according to the New Haven Independent.

At the University of Memphis, a student was found dead outside of his apartment complex. According to the police, Hunter Thompson died after falling from his fifth-floor balcony.

However, a rumor that his death was the result of a physical attack was floated on Facebook. The post read:

"The city leaders, elected officials, the media, even President Trump needs to know what is happening in our cities and being suppressed. Hunter was hunted, by a pack of savages and his life matters!!! Even the law school has been silent. No notifications, no warnings, nothing- because it doesn’t fit the narrative. This could be my child. It could be yours!!!" 

But Memphis police shot down the claim. Investigators confirmed Thompson's death was not a result of an attack but that his injuries appeared to be self-inflicted. 

His father, Tim Thompson, verified the police statement and said that his son's death was not the result of an attack, The Commercial Appeal reported. 

"There was no attack, this is not political," he said.