U Nebraska to launch LL.M. for foreign attorneys

The University of Nebraska College of Law recently announced a new LL.M. for foreign attorneys that will start in Fall 2014.

“The University is putting a premium on diversity and international reach and at the law college there is a strong focus on international law in the curriculum,” said Elsbeth Magilton, executive director of the new U.S. legal studies program.

The LL.M. students will sit side-by-side with J.D. students, offering both opportunities to interact and learn from one another.

“Most [of the LL.M. students] will have a law degree from their country and that legal background can benefit the J.D. students,” Magilton said.

The LL.M. degree is open to students with a law degree from schools outside the United States. It is designed to teach foreign attorneys about law and the legal system in the United States. During the one-year program, students take a three-week introductory course. They can then choose which courses they want to take from the regular J.D. curriculum, with the exception of legal writing and professional responsibility, which are mandatory.

University of Nebraska offers one of the only space law programs in the U.S., and the university has more than 2,000 international students and 30 international student organizations.

The college hopes to enroll up to five students in 2014 and develop the program to as many as 20 students.