UCLA Law's food clinic gets boost

The UCLA School of Law’s Resnick Center for Food Law and Policy got another hefty donation from the center’s namesakes, Linda and Stewart Resnick. They recently donated an additional $2.375 million to the clinic.

The gift follows a founding gift of $4 million that the Resnick Family Foundation made in 2013 to create an endowment to launch the food law program, as well as operational funding during the program’s first years. The new donation will secure the center’s prominence as a think tank and educational program focused on the legal and policy dimensions of creating transparency, equity and sustainability in the food supply chain.

Families must have accurate and honest information about their food so that they can prepare healthy meals,” Stewart Resnick said. “UCLA and the Resnick Center are undertaking groundbreaking work to improve the incredibly complex modern food system, and Lynda and I want to see that effort grow in impact for decades to come.”

Michael Roberts, the founding executive director of the Resnick Center, said the Resnicks’ generosity will allow scholars to take a longer-term approach to work in food law and will enhance opportunities for students.

“Food supply chains are local, national and global, and we at the Resnick Center must work at those levels in order to improve and even save the lives of consumers,” said Roberts, author of  “Food Law in the United States.” “This gift will allow us to expand our research and clinical efforts, attract additional funding, and produce more graduates and fellows who are prepared and committed to improving the way we regulate food.”



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