Washington & Lee racial problems; Stetson #1 on Fla. bar

It was a BAD week for ...

Race relations, after a group of black law students at Washington and Lee University demenaded administrators to atone for the school’s Confederate heritage and the “dishonorable” conduct of its namesake, Robert E. Lee. Lee, the Confederate general, is buried on the school grounds with a memorial inside the university chapel.

The protesters want Confederate flags removed from the chapel, the university to ban Confederate reenactments, and a formal apology for the university’s connection to slavery. Washington and Lee, located in the southwest corner of Virginia, was founded in 1749 and is also named for President George Washington, who endowed a $20,000 gift to the school.

It was a GOOD week for …

Stetson University College of Law, after the Tampa Bay-region school reported the highest bar exam passage rate in the state, with with 85 percent of all graduates passing the February bar exam on the first try, exceeding the statewide average of 72.9 percent. Stetson Law’s bar passage was also number one in the state on the Florida bar exam in July, with 89.3 percent of Stetson graduates passing.

Stetson offers students a bar preparation program that is designed to help graduates succeed, with bar preparation workshops, an essay-grading program and study plan, and Bar Preparation Services staff members available to guide students through the process of bar admission.