Albany law partners to launch nanotechnology and entrepreneurship program

Albany Law School is working with the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering to offer a joint educational program, “Ecosystem for Nanotechnology, Entrepreneurship and Law,” that hopes to bring law students together with CNSE students to collaborate on subjects related to technology, entrepreneurship, and the law.

The two schools, both based in Albany, New York, will work together to create training opportunities, joint classes and collaborative projects for students. For example, Albany law students will gain real-world experience through an externship with the CNSE Office of Technology Innovation and Commercialization. The school’s Tax and Transactions Clinic will provide free start-up legal assistance to early stage businesses. And students will work in teams to explore ways to develop products from idea to commercialization.

“Albany Law School is excited to partner with the globally recognized SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering to create the cutting-edge eNTEL program, which will draw business investment and the resultant jobs to the region, and attract and retain top-tier students who are interested in the exciting area at the intersection of law, science, technology, engineering, and entrepreneurship,” said Penelope Andrews, Albany Law School President and Dean. “

The planned initiatives will give students from both institutions opportunities to bring ideas to market and grow them into successful businesses.

The partnership was spurred by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s nanotechnology-based education and economic development strategy. It is hoped that it will drive the state’s innovation economy by preparing student entrepreneurs to launch startup companies and attract business investment.