Anything But Law scholarship awarded to music student

It was a GOOD week for

Not being a law student, after Willens Law Offices awarded its “Anything But Law School” scholarship of $1000 to Louise Kelly, who is working toward her master’s degree in music education at VanderCook College of Music. 

Willens Law Offices started the scholarship late last year to discourage students from entering the dwindling job market.

“We’ve made no attempt to hide our desire to stop students from enrolling in law school,” Attorney Matthew Willens wrote. “We are convinced there is a shortage of jobs for the new-minted attorneys. This leads to a number of problems for people who have spent a lot of money to earn a degree that leaves them in a saturated market with little to no hope of earning a pay they deserve.”

Kelly currently teaches music to middle school students, though her salary is not sufficient as she is a single mother of two. She is seeking a higher degree to earn more to support her family. She was selected out of dozens of applications.