ASU Law continues legacy of women holding top posts at law journals

Women now hold editor-in-chief positions at the 16 most elite law reviews in the country, according to And at Arizona State University The Sandra Day O’Connor College of Lawthis trend began in 1974 when Patricia A. Metzger was named editor-in-chief of the Arizona State Law Journal. 

In the last decade, eight of its leaders have been women. And three of its five journals are led by women. 

Today Delilah Cassidy, a third year and former sports journalist, oversees a staff of 40 writers, works with an editorial board of 43 law students and publishes the Arizona State Law Journal four times a year. 

“Being a member of a law journal exposes you to intellectual issues that go beyond the classroom,” Cassidy said. “It’s also a chance for me to write beyond simple legal briefs. I’m able to tap into that creativity I used as a journalist and focus on a specific issue.”

 Joining her in the coveted leadership role is Vanessa Pomeroy, who serves as editor-in-chief of Jurimetrics, the No. 1 peer-reviewed law journal for science, technology, engineering and math fields in the United States. 

“One of my goals as editor-in-chief of Jurimetrics is to encourage women to pursue careers in STEM and the legal profession,” Pomeroy said. “If I could tell the next generation of women in these professions one thing, it would be this: ‘Your involvement matters, so come join us at the table.’”

Carrillo, a third-year law student, became editor-in-chief for the Law Journal for Social Justice, also published by ASU Law, last March just as the pandemic hit. She said her role has taught her how to be a leader and more assertive. 

“As a Mexican American, first-generation college student, I obviously find it incredible that women are holding editor-in-chief positions at ASU Law,” Carrillo said. “I think culture shock is something you experience in law school as a minority, and being a woman definitely added to that pressure that was already so tangible and solidified. I am excited that women are taking advantage of editor-in-chief positions to the same extent as men.”

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