Best Value Law Schools

“Six-figure debt” and “law degree” have almost become synonymous. Google the two and you get in the neighborhood of 30,000 hits. But a law degree doesn't necessarily come with that hefty of a price tag.

In our annual list of Best Value Law Schools, the first school in which that $100,000 debt threshold is crossed is at 30, the University of Missouri — Kansas City. Only four of the 45 public schools that make our list for 2013 had student debt averages greater than $100,000.

The University of Arkansas School of Law — second on the list — had a debt below $60,000.

Law schools are not equal. Some provide unparalleled prestige, while others offer an opportunity to learn the practice of law at dramatically lower costs and as well as place graduates in the work force at credible percentages.

Value? Like beauty, it's in the eye of the beholder.

Once again, The National Jurist magazine has identified which of the nation's law schools offer the best value by analyzing tuition, cost of living expenses, bar passage rates, debt accumulation and — most importantly — employment success. Click here for the story.