Best Value law schools: 6 new private schools make list


The National Jurist released its 2014 list of the Best Value law schools, with six new private law schools premiering on the list, joining Brigham Young University, which had been the lone private institution on the list in 2013.


Baylor University, Boston College, Duquesne University, Notre Dame Law School, Ohio Northern University and University of Tulsa all made the list. All six made the list for top private schools last year. But this year each made the overall list, thanks in part to lower debt at each school.


This was the eighth time The National Jurist has published the list.


The National Jurist looks at a number of academic and financial variables, including the law school's price of tuition, student debt accumulation, employment success, bar passage rate and cost of living. Employment is given the greatest weight — 35 percent — because of the recent woes in hiring.


This year's list shows it's still possible for students to graduate with under $100,000 in debt and land a job.


Overall, 53 law schools were recognized as a Best Value school this year, up from 46 in 2013 and 47 in 2014. An additional 22 law schools were recognized for being tops among private schools. 


“When law school enrollment began to drop a few years ago, some schools began to offer more scholarships,” said Jack Crittenden, Editor In Chief of The National Jurist. “We are now starting to see the beginning of that impact on debt. Also, employment numbers are improving, even if slightly.”