Boston U. offers accelerated J.D./LL.M. programs in tax and banking

Boston University School of Law now offers accelerated dual degree programs in which students can complete a J.D. and an LL.M. degree in Banking & Financial Law or Taxation in six semesters. It normally takes students eight semesters to complete both degrees. 

“The six-semester option should be an attractive path for students who know early on that they want to specialize in these fields,” said John Riccardi, assistant dean for graduate and international programs.

The accelerated programs are designed for students already enrolled in Boston Univetrsity's J.D. program who take required LL.M. courses in their second and third years. The school is also offering an accelerated seven-semester program, where students take qualifying courses during the second and third years of the J.D. program, and then graduate with sufficient standing to complete the LL.M. in Banking & Financial Law or Taxation in one additional semester.

The Banking & Financial Law program includes courses in banking law, securities law, insurance law, accounting and economics, and teaches skills in contract drafting and analysis, as well as structuring and negotiating deals. The Graduate Tax Program offers a balance between courses in tax law theory and practical application, meeting the needs of lawyers who wish to excel as tax practitioners.

“One thing about our education here in the LL.M. Program is that we stress practical transactional skills," said Martin Lacado, associate director of the Graduate Program in Banking and Financial Law. "If we can introduce those skills sets to young lawyers then I think we’re putting them on the right path.” 

Boston University's Graduate Tax Program was established in 1959, and is recognized among the top 10 tax law programs in the nation. The Graduate Program in Banking & Financial Law is the oldest and only LL.M. program of its kind in the United States.