Can Emory pre-law students repeat Class of '17 heroics?

No pressure, pre-law students of Emory Class of 2018 ...

Well, maybe.

Last year, the pre-law Class of 2017 pulled off a pretty nifty accomplishment. Every one of the 43 Emory seniors who applied to law school were admitted, according to data from the Law School Admission Council.

Graduating seniors and Emory alumni got 135 offers of admission from the nation’s top 15 law schools, the school said. 

That's right. Not a slacker in the bunch.

Then again, Emory pre-law students have been on a bit of a roll of late. The annual law school admissions rate for seniors averaged nearly 94 percent from 2013 through 2017, the school reported. That’s compared with a nationwide average of less than 77 percent during the same period.

Reaching this landmark is the product of a longstanding partnership that includes Emory students, a range of academic departments and the university’s Career Center, according to Paul Fowler, executive director of the center.

“The fact that Emory ranks so well with admission of its pre-law students to law schools is a testimony to the talent and hard work of Emory students themselves and certainly the quality and rigor of the university’s undergraduate academic programs,” said Fowler, who joined the university in 2008. 

“Placing 100 percent of pre-law students in law school is just our first goal,” Fowler added. “Our ultimate goal is for 100 percent of all Emory graduating seniors to be headed for the next opportunity of their choice after graduation." 

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