Law School Transparency collects detailed employment data from 32 schools

Thirty-two law schools have voluntarily released detailed employment reports to a non-profit organization that seeks to make such data more accessible to law students and prospective students, Law School Transparency reported.

“We asked for these reports to help prospective law students find the law schools that best meet their career objectives,” said Kyle McEntee, executive director of Law School Transparency. “Together, these reports provide prospective [law students] access to timely, thorough, and comparable employment information.”

The reports are copies of the 2010 NALP report that each school completed last year. Each report shows details on employment status, type of employer, full-time or part-time status, law firm size, location of employer and timing of the offer.

Law School Transparency contacted all law schools in December, and was pleased with the response rate.

Schools include Ohio State, St. John’s, Capital University and University of Florida. The reports are available on the Law School Transparency website.

“The vast majority of law schools still leave critical gaps in their presentation of employment information – gaps which the NALP reports would fill,” McEntee said. “These 32 law schools have demonstrated leadership that is sorely lacking at other law schools.”

McEntee is hopeful that more schools will respond in the future. The majority of schools that responded are public institutions and some clearly treated the request as an open records request.