Lewis & Clark Law School creates new clinic that merges two strengths: environmental and animal law

Some students are drawn to law school because they want to help those who can’t help themselves, such as children, immigrants and, yes, animals. 

Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Ore., has one of the nation’s top animal law specialties and is expanding it with the creation of its second animal clinic. This one will team with the school’s environmental law program, another of the schools strengths. 

The Global Law Alliance for Animals and the Environment is an expansion of its Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS). The law school has “leveraged existing programs to create one innovate, overarching collaboration for greater impact to the international community, as well as more practical training opportunities for law students,” according to its website. 

“As a leader in the field, CALS is committed to developing cutting-edge ways to make an impact for animals,” said Pamela Frasch, the associate dean of the animal law program. “Collaborating with our talented colleagues in the Environmental Law Program provides the opportunity to leverage our respective areas of expertise to create innovative approaches to protecting wild animals.” 

There are two clinic options: one for J.D. students and one for attorneys who are seeking an LL.M. in animal law.

“Now is the time to pull the same oar,” said Janice Weis, associate dean and director of the environmental law program. “What affects the environment, affects the animals, and ultimately, each of us.”

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