Liberty, Akron both report 100% pass rates on Feb. bar exam

Liberty University School of Law achieved a 100 percent pass rate on the Virginia Bar Examination in February 2011, the school reported.

The school did not announce how many students took the February bar exam, but the numbers are usually less than 20.

Liberty is the only Virginia school to achieve the 100 percent rate in the state this year. Washington & Lee was at 90 percent; George Mason, 84.8 percent; University of Virginia, 75 percent; and the College of William & Mary, 73.3 percent.

“To lead the entire state in bar pass rates is an incredible achievement,” Staver said. “We are proud of our alumni who have set a high standard. We praise the Lord for this outstanding achievement.”

The Christian law school was founded in 2004 and received full accreditation approval by the American Bar Association in August 2010.

The School of Law also recently launched a dual degree program, which allows students to obtain a master’s degree along with their law degree. These dual degree options include the Juris Doctorate/M.B.A., JD/M.Div., JD/M.A.R., JD/M.Ed., JD/Ed.S., JD/Ed.D., JD/M.A. in Human Services and JD/M.A. in History.

University of Akron’s law school also achieved a 100 percent pass rate on the February exam.

“I am very proud of the success of our students and very proud of our faculty who helped them achieve this success,” said Martin H. Belsky, Dean, Akron Law.

In the 1990s, the Supreme Court of Ohio increased the score required to pass the Ohio bar exam, reaching the current pass score in 1997. Since then, Akron has experienced outstanding bar exam pass rates. The school’s July pass rate was 92 percent, which also ranked it first among the nine Ohio law schools.