Loyola University Chicago creates Rule of Law Institute


Thanks to a $6 million gift from a Board of Trustee member, Loyola University Chicago School of Law announced it will establish a Rule of Law Institute, further cementing the law schools’ leadership in promoting and strengthening the rule of law domestically and in developing nations and emerging democracies around the world. 

The Rule of Law Institute will build on the foundation of the law school’s Rule of Law for Development Program (PROLAW), which is part of Loyola’s vision to engage faculty and students in developing new approaches to significant and often difficult global challenges, according to the law school. 

The new Institute will research and analyze rule of law issues, develop approaches to those problems, and, together with University and external partners, aid in implementing and tracking those solutions. 

Trustee Barry McCabe has been an integral part of the PROLAW program since its inception. His gift is largest-ever contribution from a non-alumnus to the School of Law and will provide resources for faculty, programming and collaboration with governments, NGOs and other partners around the globe, the law school said in a news release.  

“Loyola not only prepares highly skilled attorneys; it also prepares professionals with a social conscience,” McCabe said. “That's what the rule of law is all about, and why I fervently believe it is worth advancing especially at this time.” 

Jo Ann Rooney, president of Loyola University Chicago, said the Rule of Law Institute “will be a center for vibrant, engaged pedagogy and experiential education through applied research, field experience, interdisciplinary learning and capstone studies.”  

“As its faculty, staff, and students develop and disseminate new models and insights, the Institute will advance conversations about the relationship of Ignatian values to justice through the rule of law and provides the University an opportunity to expand its global influence at a critical time,” Rooney said in a news release.  

More details about Loyola University Chicago’s Rule of Law Institute are available here.  


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