Mississippi College freezes law school tuition

Mississippi College School of Law announced it is freezing tuition for students applying for admission in 2016.

“The rising cost of obtaining a legal education has overshadowed the demonstrated long-term value of having a law degree,” said Dean Wendy Scott. “Whether practicing law or serving in other capacities, being trained to think like a lawyer opens doors to a variety of opportunities. Legal training also prepares men and women to assume leadership roles in their communities.”

MC Law remains one of the most affordable private law schools, with current annual tuition at $32,040. MC Law already gives current students the advantage of paying the same amount in tuition each of the three years they attend. In addition to this commitment to contain costs for students, MC Law will forgo the annual tuition increase for the 2016 entering class 

The freeze is in response to the 2015 report of the American Bar Association Task Force on the Financing of Legal Education.

“We are smart enough to use the resources we have been blessed with, as a result of good planning by the university, to enhance the quality of the educational experience we offer for all of our students,” Scott said.

As part of that enhancement, MC Law has established a new certificate program in Small Law and Solo Practice to better prepare graduates for the practice of law. In addition, the Law School continues to expand clinical programs and externship opportunities in Jackson and around the country.