Mississippi College launches LL.M. in France

Mississippi College School of Law launched a new program this month that allows students to earn credits toward their J.D. or LL.M. at Catholic University in Lille, France.

J.D. students can spend one semester in France to earn credits toward their degree or elect to stay or return to Catholic University for an additional semester to earn an LL.M. in international & European law. Concentrations in international business or human rights law are available.

“Foreign students add a dramatically different perspective to the study of law,” 1L Amy Martin said. “You quickly realize how much of our system and our perception of justice and injustice are linked to our culture.”

French students at Catholic University may also spend a semester at Mississippi College of Law starting this January.

“For students from Lille, MC Law’s premier location offers unparalleled opportunities to supplement their classroom education by observing the practice of law at a wide variety of legal offices,” Dean Wendy B. Scott said. “The Mississippi Supreme Court, Mississippi Court of Appeals, Federal District Court, Hinds County Court, Attorney General’s Office, Capital Defense Office and the Mississippi State Capitol Building are all within walking distance of the MC Law campus in downtown Jackson, Mississippi.”

This program is an expansion of pre-existing relationship with Catholic University in Lille. Currently, students have the option to study abroad on campus in Lille.

“I am pleased that MC Law students will have the opportunity to interact with the students from Lille,” Dean Emeritus Jim Rosenblatt said.  “In this age of globalization, it is important that our students take an international approach to the practice of law. The cooperative program with Lille will serve to broaden and educate our students and provide them with professional colleagues across the globe.”