Missouri State enters into 3 + 3 programs with both state public law schools

Missouri State University has established agreements with both public law schools in Missouri — University of Missouri School of Law and University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law — so that students can earn a bachelor’s degree and J.D. degree in six years, rather than the usual seven.

“At a time when schools across the country are competing for students and dollars, it is gratifying that our three schools can work together for the benefit of our students and the citizens of Missouri,” said Missouri State President Clif Smart.

Students will complete three years toward their bachelor’s degree at Missouri State, then start law school. They will transfer credits from law school back to MSU to complete their bachelor’s degree. 

Missouri State is in Springfield and is about 160 miles both from Mizzou Law in Columbia and UMKC in Kansas City. 

To qualify, Missouri State students must:

- Be a political science major

- Have a minor in public law

“Our goal is to help students find the school and program that best matches their interests and talents,” said political science Department Head George Connor. “These agreements are a unique option in an increasingly competitive segment of higher education. Missouri State is trying to expand affordable options for students.”

Mizzou Law Dean Lyrissa Lidsky said the program will lower the debt burden for participating students.

“I’m proud that the 3 + 3 program makes legal education more affordable and accessible by allowing students to ‘skip a year’ and still receive their undergraduate and law degrees,” said Lidsky.

UMKC Law Dean Barbara Glesner Fines said UMKC is excited to partner with Missouri State. 

“Giving highly motivated students the opportunity to earn a law degree in the most efficient and effective way possible is squarely within UMKC Law's 125 year tradition of providing access to the profession and training leaders for the region,” said Glesner Fines.

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