New website offers student LSAT reviews

You know what’s almost as tough as taking the LSAT. Figuring out what prep course to take to prepare for the LSAT.

Experts say you should prep — and do a considerable amount of it. Going in cold for such a uniquely designed exam is not exactly the best way to start you legal education journey. Indeed, it might end it.

So how do you choose?

Well, there’s a new resource available called, which provides reviews from actual test-takers.

“While there are some other sites that offer LSAT prep reviews, they are mostly by ‘experts,’” said John Karageorge, who started the site. He likens his site reviews to those you see on Yelp: Regular people, chiming in. And like Yelp, the reviews range from one to five stars.

He offers students a chance at a $500 scholarship if they write a review.

More than a dozen prep services are reviewed and ranked by students. According to the site: “All of our reviews have been left by ‘real’ law school students who are currently in law school or who have recently graduated.  We verify all our reviews to make sure you are getting an ‘honest’ look into each program.”

Karageorge started a similar site called MBAInsight that offers reviews of prep companies that focus on the Graduate Management Admission Test.

He’s also president of Cedar Education Lending, which offers private student loans and consolidation loans. There’s no link or mention from the LSAT prep course site to his lending firm, however. The LSAT prep site does work with some of the prep companies. 

“We do let readers know that we make money from affiliate links, but we currently only work with four of the 16 LSAT prep firms students leave reviews for,” he said.

The prep site doesn’t just offer reviews of the nation’s top prep companies. It also offers law school advice

It also features interviews with admissions staffers from a number of the nation’s law school, including Harvard Law School. There’s a page devoted to student profiles as well.