Notre Dame Law School launches program of study in environmental law

Notre Dame Law School has added a new specialization in environmental law. The program is designed for students hoping to tackle environmental issues when practicing law.

“The sweep and scope of environmental law continues to grow,” said Professor Bruce Huber. “Environmental rules touch nearly every area of the economy. Tomorrow’s lawyers will benefit from familiarity with these rules, their application, and the principles behind them.”

Notre Dame Law School’s specializations, which they call Programs of Study, are a way for students to explore niche areas of law without locking themselves into a rigid list of additional required courses, said Dean Nell Jessup Newton.

“Our students appreciate the personalized guidance and advice of Notre Dame Faculty,” she said. “And our Programs of Study are one of the most innovative ways in which our faculty are providing that kind of help to every student who wants it.

Notre Dame offers Programs of Study in six other areas: business law, criminal law, global law, intellectual property and technology law, law, ethics, and public policy and public law.