My parents think I should apply for law school now, or else they are afraid I’ll never go. But I want to work for a year first, to be honest. Will that hurt my chances of getting in?

Your GPA: Are you happy with it? If it falls below the GPA statistically needed to get admitted to the schools that interest you, you might want to have that last semester of senior-year grades available on your transcript. That might bump up your final GPA.

You LSAT score: Were you rushed when you took the admissions test? If you think you could increase your score with more time to study, then taking a year off could help.

Your finances: Paying for law school can create a lot of pressure — especially if you also had to pay for your undergrad degree. Paying off loans can also create pressure to find a high-paying position after law school. You can alleviate this pressure by working full time for a while before law school, and saving money for tuition and living expenses.

Your readiness: Are you ready to study, or are you burned out? The year that I took off before law school was a welcome breather. It was nice to work and have a break from studying and writing papers. 

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