St. John's University

St. John's University School of Law
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439

LSAT: 156 - 162
GPA: 3.19 - 3.72
Enrollment: 940
Application Deadline: 4/1

St. John’s University School of Law, located in Queens, N.Y., plays a prominent role in the NYC legal community, imbuing all that it does with the University’s Vincentian tradition.

The law school is a state-of-the-art facility with a gross total square footage of 179,000, one of the highest space-per-student ratios in the country. The campus is easily accessible to Manhattan and all of NYC, and the location provides opportunities and access to the world’s largest law firms, businesses and courts.

Robert Harrison, assistant dean for admissions and student financial services, said what sets them apart is their clinics.

“We are known by legal employers as having graduates who ‘hit the ground running,’ because the students are put into the field from the very first year,” he said.

St John’s has a doctrinal approach to study abroad as well as the practical, which is also reflected in all of the school’s externships and centers. Clinics include Securities Arbitration, Child Advocacy, Refugee and Immigration Rights and the most popular, Elder Law.

“We make an effort to expose our students in the very beginning to the real world practice of law,” Harrison said.

St. John’s bar passage rate for first-time takers was 92 percent on the July 2009 bar, and has consistently placed among the top NYC schools for bar passage results.

Tuition: $44,280
Median grant awarded: $27,500
Percent receiving grants: 45.6%
Bar Passage Rate/State Rate: 91.34%/86.51%
Post-grad employment rate: 82.3%
Average first-year class size: 82
Minority enrollment: 24.6%
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 15.8