UIdaho launches second-year program in Boise

The University of Idaho will launch its second-year program in Boise this fall, after the American Bar Association gave approval for the program in June.

The University of Idaho is located in Moscow, in the far north of the state, which is sparsely populated. Boise, the state capital, is by far the largest metropolitan region in the state with more than 600,000 people. It is three hours south of Moscow. 

The University of Idaho hoped to launch a satellite campus in Boise, but was rebuffed by the Idaho legislature in 2008. So it sought to add the program one year at a time. It opened a campus for third-year students in 2010.

“The second-year program complements the full three-year program in Moscow and is an investment in Idaho’s future,” said Michael A. Satz, the college’s interim dean. “Students in the Boise area can now spend their first year in Moscow and have the option to return to Boise to complete their legal education. For these students, the expansion will help tremendously in managing their debt and keeping them connected in their community.”

In addition to admitting second-year law students at University of Idaho, the college will accept applications from transfer students interested in enrolling on the expanded Boise campus.

The college plans to enroll between 20 and 30 students in the second-year program this fall and expects that number to grow in the future.

The law schools will move into a renovated country courthouse in 2015, which will also house the State Law Library and civics education for the general public.

The second-year program will continue to build upon the opportunities of Boise’s metropolitan setting by offering increased skills training, professional engagement opportunities and advanced doctrinal courses. Students in Boise will be able to complete the Business Law and Entrepreneurship, and Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution emphasis programs.