University of Baltimore adds experiential requirement

The University of Baltimore School of Law has approved a six credit experiential learning requirement taking effect in Fall 2015. The change comes after several law schools nationwide made similar strides in promoting practice-ready lawyering skills. University of Baltimore is now the 26th law school to require a clinic or externship.

“Our law school has always valued practical, skills-based learning,” said Dean Ronald Weich. “But now that we’ve added an experiential requirement to our JD program, we can guarantee that every University of Baltimore law student will graduate with real world legal experience. The new ABA standard may be a challenge for some law schools, but it’s nothing new to us. We were experiential before experiential was cool.” 

To fulfill the requirement, students must earn three of the six credits by participating in one of the law school’s nine clinics or an externship. The three remaining credits must come from participation in another clinic, a judicial internship, moot court or from taking a workshop, capstone or simulation course.