University of Maine now offers certificate in business and transactional law

Students at the University of Maine Law School can now be officially certified in the field of business and transactional law. The school added an expansive course of study as well as experiential learning opportunities to certify those students who are focusing on the field of study. The school’s curriculum already is focused on teaching students the tools for business practice anyway, and this new certificate will further facilitate their education.

“The state-wide focus on economic development brings with it an increasing demand for lawyers with training and expertise in business, commercial, and transactional law matters,” said Andrew Kaufman, a professor in the business and transactional law curriculum and coordinator of the business and transactional law program. “At Maine Law, we are responding to this need through expanded and innovative course offerings. Many of our students choose to concentrate on these subjects during their time in law school, and this new certificate will recognize their commitment to and achievement in this important area of our curriculum.”

The school has recently worked with the University of Maine Graduate and Professional Center to expand interdisciplinary faculty collaborations to create new course offerings. The new course was first presented in the spring of 2021 and will be joined in the fall by a new collaborative course on startup and entrepreneurship law.

Aside from the classes themselves, students can also engage with internships, externships, and summer fellowships, some of which grant paid work experience and academic credit.

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