Washburn Law Launching Third Year Anywhere Enrollment Option


Topeka, Kansas, seems like a fine place to live. After all, it was named one of the Top 10 Best Cities for the Next Decade by Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine in 2010. And talk about a cool name. It's based on a Native American sentence, meaning a "good place to dig potatoes," according to Wikipedia. 

However, third-year, law-school students at Topeka-based Washburn University School of Law will soon have an option if they want to relocate from Kansas' capital city a bit early.  

Here's the deal, and it's quite innovative: Washburn Law students who are admitted fall 2019 or later will have the opportunity to complete their final year of law school through what's called the Third Year Anywhere enrollment option. Students who participate in this option will increase their practice-readiness by completing an externship in the geographic area where they plan to practice after graduation.

Like beaches? Check out San Diego! 

Like tall buildings? Head to New York!  

Like the Patriots ... No one likes the Patriots! 

Students will earn academic credit while gaining real-world experience practicing law under the supervision of a licensed lawyer 20 hours per week in one of six sectors: corporate, government, higher education, judicial, law firm or public interest. Opportunities also exist for students to participate in an externship in underserved rural locations.

Third year coursework? Not a problem. That will be completed through online law courses, including a course in Law Practice Competencies which will teach students successful project management skills, how to use legal technology, how to read financial statements and other competencies essential for successful law practice.

“Washburn has long been known for graduating students who are practice-ready, and the Third Year Anywhere enrollment option will build on that foundation by affording students more in-depth practical experience during law school” said Carla Pratt, dean of Washburn Law. “Placing students in the legal market where they intend to practice will position them to join the local bar association, network with lawyers who will become their professional peers, and interview for jobs in that market prior to graduating.”

Enrollment is limited to ensure that each student has attentive supervision by a Washburn faculty member.

And there is some fine print. According to the school: "Placement locations are subject to availability and limitations to ensure student safety and educational integrity, and must be in excess of a 35-mile radius of the law school. Learn more at washburnlaw.com/thirdyearanywhere"

So if a student qualifies, it's goodbye Topeka. He or she will miss the yearly Kansas Chocalate Festival, though. 

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