10 Law Practice Areas Where You Can Be An Expert


You can’t beat being an expert. Lawyers with deep knowledge in specialized practice areas are often highly regarded, invited to speak at conferences and forums, and have a unique selling point that helps them bring in new business. 

While nothing can replace years in practice, a specialized LL.M. degree can nonetheless jumpstart a lawyer’s quest to develop expertise.

Karen Thornton, Director of Government Procurement Law Program at The George Washington University Law School, said specialized degrees can help lawyers develop a level of professional stature that is rarely achieved without years of professional experience.

“Students seek an LL.M. out of intellectual curiosity, a desire to advance their careers, or to make the switch from one sector to another,” Thornton said. “They succeed in the job market because they are able to join the conversation as equals when faculty introduce them to employers at conferences and networking events.”

We identified ten law practice areas where an LL.M. will most help a lawyer establish him or herself as an expert.

  1. Insurance Law
  2. Gaming Law
  3. Space Law
  4. Government Procurement Law
  5. Agriculture and Food Law
  6. Admiralty and Maritime Law
  7. Law and Religion
  8. Entertainment, Media and Sports Law
  9. Fashion Law
  10. National Security Law


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