New tool will help lawyers keep track of continuing ed credits

For lawyers, keeping up with compliance requirements can be tricky, complicated and time-consuming. 

Well, there's now a solution for that. 

Practising Law Institute (PLI), a nonprofit provider of authoritative legal training and continuing education, has announced the launch of My Credit Tracker, a free online utility that tracks, organizes and manages continuing education credits for lawyers and other professionals.

"For more than 80 years, PLI has served the legal community with innovative products that keep legal practitioners at the forefront of their practice," said Anita Shapiro, president of PLI. "My Credit Tracker is an impressive utility that combines knowledge and technology in an easy-to-use package that any legal professional can easily operate and employ."

My Credit Tracker allows users to catalog professional credits earned from any provider, in any jurisdiction for any credit type. Credits earned from PLI are automatically displayed, while credits earned elsewhere are entered by the user. All credits are displayed on an user interface that is accessible from a desktop or mobile device.

Users of My Credit Tracker will benefit from the ability to monitor compliance progress across all 46 Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) states, as well as track more than 25 other certifications, such as CPE for accountants. Not only will professionals be able to quickly determine how many credits they need in any jurisdiction across the country, they can also track a range of credit types, including ethics, professionalism and diversity, among others.

For instance, 25 hours of MCLE are required every three years for attorneys in California. It's kind of a big deal. From the state bar web site: "Failing to fulfill MCLE requirements can result in placement on administrative inactive status. Attorneys who are audited and found to have falsely reported compliance may also face discipline."

"Lawyers and related professionals are asked to do so much and tracking CLE compliance can be very time consuming, especially for smaller law firms and individual practitioners," said Craig Miller, vice president of membership & accreditation at PLI. "My Credit Tracker not only saves time by recording activity, it underscores which credit(s) professionals still need to fulfill, allowing users to plan ahead so they can focus on their clients."

My Credit Tracker is available on and follows PLI's recent announcement of the nonprofit's new, modern website that provides lawyers and other professionals access to more than 2,500 hours of live and On-Demand CLE programming.